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Moon Lord's similarity compared to Cthulhu have a basis within Lovecraft's"Cthulhu Mythos" since Cthulhu includes two brothers, the same twin named Kthanid and a half brother named Hastur, both carrying a form very similar to Cthulhu's, although Moon Lord is more than likely in reference to Hastur as equally possess a signature signal that signals his arrival (watch the Celestial Sigil and the yellow sign) as well as the simple fact that unlike his twin, Kthanid is"as good as his brother is so evil" which makes it unlikely he would attack the player.

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Lords Mobile seeks to replicate the achievement of so many other games such as Clash of Clans however with the extra advantage of much more visual effects and much more concentrate on building up the own cities. As you can assume, timers are a significant portion of Lords Mobile. This form of chore is average (though to a lesser amount ) in many cellular strategy games, but Lords Mobile has taken it to an extreme.

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