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The 3rd millennium ancient city of Ashur in Shirqat was the first capital for Assyrian Empire between 14th to 9th centuries BC. As a reminder, Q4 is the first quarter that includes sales of Pixel phones and Google Home, which likely contributed to the strength. The Tubular Labs Influencer Score measures a channel's ability to influence its audience members by looking at more than 10 different metrics including reach, engagement, channel activity, and the frequency at which the channel is updated.

Step2: Upload the files you want to convert
Drag and drop Youtube files to the program. Google ads are also becoming more cost efficient. Iraqi archaeologists say the extremists looted the museum before trashing it. Methodology: Video intelligence software company Tubular Labs provided the data for this ranking.

They have fuelled the mystery surrounding a girl caught in the eye of a scandal involving North Korea, a secretive state with a long track record of carrying out assassinations and kidnappings overseas. The unlikely connection between a country girl from a poor rural backwater 150 kilometres (90 miles) outside Hanoi to a high-profile assassination, has added another layer of intrigue to a crime that has captivated with its echoes of Cold War-era conspiracy and spycraft.

For your convenience, batch conversion is supported by this Youtube to PSP converter. Core Google �other revenues� spiked in Q4. In fact, mobile is set to eclipse desktop ad spend by 2018. Scores range from 0-1,000 and are recalculated weekly from the previous 90 days of data.

The YouTube creators are ranked in order of total subscribers, but the list also includes the total number of video views they have amassed, and Tubular Labs' "Influencer Score. The open-source activity is intended to empower publishers to effectively enhance speed (and therefore, the client experience) for their mobile readership without giving up any promotion revenue that they may depend upon.

Doan Thi Huong gained notoriety last week after Malaysian police shared CCTV images of the 28-year-old at a Kuala Lumpur airport -- wearing a top emblazoned with "LOL" -- shortly after the February 13 assassination of Kim Jong-Nam. In February 2015, extremist websites showed footage of Islamic State militants with sledgehammers destroying ancient artifacts at the museum in Mosul which they referred to as idols.

Or go to "File" menu, select "Add Video" to locate the Youtube files to add. Islamic State no longer controls the site, but it is not yet secure enough for archaeological experts to evaluate. There is additionally bolster for things, for example, slideshows by means of amp-carousel and image lightboxes by means of amp-image-lightbox, too online networking implants for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Vine through their own expanded parts.

digital media ad revenue that forecasts revenue trends over the next five years and outlines the key growth drivers for overall digital ad revenue in the U. Free download this YouTube to PSP Converter from hodosoft-the free software download website provides the best software search and download website support! Cost-per-click, or the amount that Google charges for its ads, was down 15% YoY and down 9% quarter on quarter (QoQ), while paid clicks, which is the amount of times people click those ads, were up 36% YoY and 20% QoQ.

The militants claimed that they had destroyed some of its ruins, but they didn't release a video as they did with other archaeological sites. The museum is just across the river on Mosul's west bank, practically within reach of Iraqi forces in the city. Dylan Mortensen, senior research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on U.

What are you waiting for? AMP the concept:
This past October, Google declared Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an extremely accessible system for making quick stacking mobile pages. You can load multiple files at a time. The 62% YoY growth rate in Q4 2016 was a sharp acceleration from Q3�s 39% YoY growth, which the company attributed to strong growth across the board in Play, Cloud and hardware.

This latter figure drives the bulk of Google�s revenue. And enjoy your favorite movie with PSP anytime and anywhere! The Vietnamese suspect in the killing of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother was renowned for her fashion, funky hairstyles and foreign boyfriends, say family members shocked at the link between their poor rice-farming village and a crime that has gripped the world.

Possessing YouTube to PSP Converter, you will have a wonderful and extensive digital entertainment life. Moreover, mobile will become the top destination for digital ad spending as advertisers continue to attempt to resolve the disconnect between the rapid growth in time spent on phones and tablets and the relatively small share of ad budgets that are allocated to such platforms - known as the mobile opportunity gap.

Other revenue (not to be confused with �other bets� revenue) includes revenue from Google Play, Google Cloud and hardware.

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